We want you to help Tash from Brick find the right kind of guy...after too many wrong ones.

Newsflash: The online dating scene is not easy.

And Tash is so sick of the games, lies, and ghosting that she has encountered with online dating.

So, for some reason (LOL!) she asked US if we might want to try to help since she is such a fan of our show. Yep, Lou & Liz, the radio 'couple' who NEVER get along, has been asked to try our luck at finding her a good guy!

We are honored, Tash :)

So we want to ask YOU, our loyal listeners, if you happen to know of a nice guy for Tash that we can interview to see if he might be Mr. Right!

Here's a little about Tash:

(Photo from Natasha Seboni)
Photo from Tash.

Natasha (or Tash, as those closest to her call her) is in her early-30s. She grew up and spent most of her life living in Wall Township and now lives across the bridge in Brick. She is a successful small business owner.

Here's what she says:

"My name is Natasha Siboni- everyone calls me Tash. I grew up in Wall township and just recently moved to Brick. I am 33 (34 in December.) I started my own successful company Tidying by Tash where I organize people homes/lives... but now I'm looking for some help in my own life!

I am a passionate person who wears my heart on my sleeve. My friends and family definitely see me as a nurturing & empathetic but also very stubborn and bossy.

I love to get out and be social, yet also require a daily (sometimes more than one) nap. But when I wake up, I'm ready to eat and see live music. The only thing I love more than organizing is music!

I am hoping to find someone with similar interests: Into going to concerts, traveling and someone who enjoys life. Someone who is interested in a future and all the possibilities that come along with that. Someone who will become my best friend and I can trust indefinitely."

Tash is seeking someone within the ages of 30 to 45 years old and a non-smoker.

If you happen to have a brother, friend, neighbor, cousin, or son that is a good guy looking for a nice girl and who is close to this description, submit his name and contact info below and we'll interview him to see if maybe he's a match for Tash!

Photo from Natasha Seboni
Photo from Tash.

P.S. Tash is the successful small-business owner of Tidying By Tash, which is how I met her. Tash took on the task of getting rid of the clutter and re-organizing my bedroom. I just couldn't face the mess inside my closet by myself and she had a vision that worked beautifully. I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Whether it's cleaning up your kids' playroom, organizing your garage, finding innovative ways to make your kitchen function more efficiently, or if you need an overhaul of your home office, Tasha has the talent to help you.

Tasha will help you sort through what you want to keep or get rid of, what pieces of furniture are functional and practical and where you should place those pieces, she'll find organizing supplies or furniture for you if you need it (she scored me an amazing dresser that someone had refurbished), and she'll blow your mind with what she can do with your space.

Wanna see my before and after photos? CLICK HERE!

Now we just want to turn this around on her and tidy up Tasha's love life...hahaha!

As someone who knows her, Tash is pretty awesome. So we are on a mission to help her. I mean, how is this smart, successful, beautiful young woman without a significant other??!! Mind-blowing.

To nominate somone who might be good for Tash:


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