How great would it be to shed 10 pounds as another Jersey Shore beach season kicks off? The good news is experts say they have the advice that can help toy get there.

The advice this time seems logical and it's probably nothing you haven't heard before, but at least these are logical tips. Sometimes these experts act like we have all day to work out or six free hours a day to prepare food, and therefore the advice is not exactly practical. These tips, however, are realistic and may give you a great head start toward your goal.

First of all, according to, the experts say to get the water ready. It's a simple fact. People who drink plenty of water weigh less than those who don't. What a great first step, and you don't have to prepare it, cook it or carve time out of your schedule for it.

This next one is a little less appealing. Experts say try to cut your portions in half. Ouch. Experts do say that before you shake your head on this one, you may be surprised about the fact that less food than you normally eat might just fill you up.

Too tired to diet? Then sleep! And get plenty of it. If you can manage to get the proper amount of rest, you will have a better shot at shedding the pounds.

And if you dieting every day is unrealistic or doesn't work for you, go on a part time diet! According to the article, experts say if you can keep your calories to 650 a day for two days of the week it will not only help you lose weight, but one study even suggests it may offer protection against breast cancer.

The experts offered 25 total tips in the article.

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