Now that Easter has come and gone, many of our homes may be littered with baskets full of diet busting calorie temptation.

So just how bad is it to indulge in the Easter candy just a little bit? Well, obviously, some things are worse than others, so I decided to arm you with the information you need before diving in.

Here are some calorie facts we found on, so at least you know what you're getting into before you, well, get into it.

Here are the calories for some of the most popular Easter candies. In the mood for a Peep? Each Peep will set you back 28 calories. If you think the bunnies might be smaller than the chicks, no luck there. They are both 28 calories.

How about a delectable Cadbury Egg? That's going to cost you 150 calories for the 1.2oz. egg. The good news is if you eat a Cadbury Egg like I do, half of it will land on the table or floor, so your calorie intake may vary.

How about the gold old chocolate bunny? Well a 1.2 oz M&M Solid Chocolate Bunny is 190 calories. There are a few less calories in a Hershey's milk Chocolate Covered Egg, with a .9oz piece totaling 100 calories.

And then there are good old jelly beans, which average 4 calories per bean. That sounds pretty reasonable. You grab a handful and you're probably under 100 calories. Not bad. But then again there's no chocolate in jelly beans.  I guess you can't have everything.


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