I'm a BIG kid so when I heard the Great Adventure is opening back up bigger and better than ever I got Christmas-morning excited.  Just in case you were counting...Spring is just 23 days away and with nice weather comes fabulous news...opening day for Great Adventure has been announced! They will be open for business on March 27th and they have some cool things up their sleeve. First and foremost I should mention that they have lots of COVID protocols in place and they promise a fun and safe time.

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OK, now to the fun stuff...the newest rollercoaster is appropriately named the Jersey Devil and it's coming this summer.  This thing is NO JOKE!  It's 13 stories high and goes almost 60 miles per hour. It is the longest, fastest, tallest single-track coaster in the whole world!

I also have fond childhood memories of the Wild Safari Drive-Thru and that is back in business on March 20th. By the way, this is the perfect activity to do if you're really concerned about COVID because this contactless experience gives you almost 5 miles of fun with animals from all over the world and an audio tour right in your car. Is there anything cuter than a baby giraffe's long eyelashes and purple tongue?

If you can't wait for all that stuff and you want in sooner, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor will open to guests on May 15. Of course this is one of the Northeast’s largest waterparks.  You can find me in the lazy river taking a deep sigh after this brutal winter. This news is so exciting you may not want to tell your kids yet...otherwise all you'll hear over and over is, "Moooooom, is it Great Adventure time yet?" I'll see you guys there!  Whahoo!

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