A Monmouth County non-profit organization is helping to keep families together while they find a place to live.

Did you know there is a group at the Jersey Shore that will help your family if you find that you no longer can afford a place to live?

Family Promise of Monmouth County is one of over 160 Family Promise Networks across the nation that helps local families in crisis. They assist families with children who are experiencing temporary homelessness so that they can get back on their feet.

Family Promise realizes that homeless families need not only housing and food, but help finding employment. They have a unique 90-day intensive program where a case manager works with their guests during the day to support them in finding a new job. The family is kept together and spends nights at a local church or temple or, soon, on the grounds of Ft. Monmouth once the property they have been granted is brought up to code and a kitchen and bathrooms and showers are added.

Family Promise has caring volunteers that provide meals and transportation for guests to get to school and job interviews. Their program has been proven to work because of these volunteers. More than 8 out of 10 families find permanent housing within three months, because they help these families solve the problems that seem so overwhelming.

The reason Family Promise is so successful is because they have such a large network of compassionate volunteers who take gentle care of those families in need, while keeping the family TOGETHER. These volunteers represent all faiths and backgrounds, yet share a desire to make a difference in the lives of families in crisis.

Family Promise is holding their annual Cardboard Box City event for kids next month...giving school-age kids a chance to spend the night in a cardboard box and eat soup and bread to experience what it is like to be homeless, and help these kids learn compassion and how they might help a fellow schoolmate who may not have a home. For info on participating, CLICK HERE.

For more info on donating, volunteering, or getting your church or temple involved, CLICK HERE.

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