When the new year begins, the Jersey Shore will basically have one thing in mind to work toward for their resolution according to our latest Jersey Shore poll.

We asked you to tell us which category of resolution you would make for 2018 and there was an absolute, clear #1 winner in this poll, and it all has to do with what that pesky scale is telling us.

The clear 'winner' in the New Year's Resolution poll was weight loss. Everybody seems to be thinking about it, and according to the poll, 54% of you are serious enough about it to make it your resolution.

In a distant second in the poll was something to do with self improvement, like trying to be more patient, or less angry at things like traffic. That is what 23% of you will be focused on in 2018.

And in third place this year is money and finances. About 15% of us will be trying to spend less, keep to a budget, or any of the things associated with money.

So, in 2018 Jersey Shore residents will be focused on their weight, money and self improvement, and I'm sure these will be topics concentrated on by most of us, whether we made it our resolution or not.

Good luck with your resolutions this year. I hope it all works out for you!

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