If you live in New Jersey, you deal with stress, traffic and congestion on a daily basis. So how does living in New Jersey affect your life expectancy?

The results of a study published at 24/7 Wall St. may surprise you. And if you are so used to the Garden State landing at the bottom of surveys and rankings, then you will definitely be surprised.

Believe it or not, the life expectancy of New Jersey residents is in the top 10 in the entire nation. That's right, our life expectancy is among the best in the nation. Our life expectancy is 8th longest in the U.S.A.

The life expectancy is 80.3 years, while the longest life expectancy in America is Hawaii (81.2 years) and the worst is Mississippi (78.4 years). So what are some of the reasons for our good showing in this area?

Some factors that help us in the rankings include the fact that New Jersey has the 8th lowest smoking rate and the 11th lowest obesity rate in the nation, plus we have the 4th highest median income and access to great healthcare facilities.

So, here's one of those moments where our high ranking in a national survey brings some good news for us. Could you imagine what our numbers would be if we didn't have to deal with all that Jersey stress and aggravation...and traffic!

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