When you think of words to describe New Jersey, many come to mind, but if 'sinful' isn't among them, then this report might surprise you.

When it comes to our rank in most categories, like greed (36), anger and hatred (34), jealousy (30), excesses (45) and  lust (31), New Jersey ranks near the bottom, according to WalletHub. That's good news, right? Well, not really. Not when you include the one category that we haven't discussed yet.

There is one particular category that makes the Garden State the 17th most sinful state in the nation, according to this study, and that is vanity. Congratulations, New Jersey, you live in the 2nd most vain state in America.

The definition of vanity, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is inflated pride in oneself or one's appearance : conceit. So, does that ring any bells? Let's be honest. At least three people came to mind immediately, right? And you probably dated at least one of them.

New Jersey also ranked 20th in laziness, helping to raise our overall rank to the #17 spot. So in conclusion, we live in a vain, lazy state, and yet we rank in the lower half of states for anger.

And for the record, we have the 4th most beauty salons per capita in the nation. Not that that's a bad thing, right?

For me, I would have thought that if we flipped the 'lazy rank with the 'anger' rank, it might be a little closer to what I've observed, especially on the charming place we refer to as our roadways.

So, according to this report, and others we've recently reported on, the brand new Garden State slogan could be 'First in taxes, 17th in sin". Wouldn't that look great on a license plate?

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