A recent study has ranked all of the states in America for their levels of personal, financial, workplace and roadway safety, as well as emergency preparedness. How did New Jersey do?

Well, according to the results of the study, published at Wallet Hub, New Jersey is in the top 20 states for safety. To be more specific, we rank 18th in the United States for overall safety.

The study used 48 safety indicators separated into five categories to arrive at it's findings. Let's break them down.

New Jersey did very well in 'personal and residential safety' ranking 10th in the nation. The Garden State didn't do as well when it came to 'financial safety', landing at #37 in the rankings.

As for 'road safety', New Jersey ranked 30th in the nation, and we are at #20 when it comes to 'workplace safety'. and we are ranked 27th when it comes to 'emergency preparedness'.

You can check out all the details of the study at Wallet Hub.

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