If you have a baby or are planning to start a family, it's pretty important to you to find out if New Jersey is a good place to have a baby.

That is the question that Wallet Hub set out to answer for every state in the nation. In a recent study, they compared 26 key factors and ranked each state and the District of Columbia from worst to first.

So how did New Jersey do? We actually didn't do badly, ranking 20th best overall. We had some really good rankings in specific areas as well, specifically in the category of 'lowest infant mortality rate', where the Garden State ranked 4th lowest.

New Jersey also did well in another category. When it came to 'family friendliness' we ranked #12 in America. We also ranked 16th best in America in the 'baby friendliness' category.

You can get all the details of this study at Wallet Hub.

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