A publication recently ranked all the states in America to determine which is the best state for millennials. How did New Jersey do.

Millennials, you may not be happy to learn how New Jersey ranked on the list of states that are best for you to live in. Wallet Hub considered 30 key metrics, including average monthly income and unemployment rate for millennials to determine the rankings.

So how bad did the Garden State do? Well, not good at all. As a matter of fact, we rank 32nd in the nation. That's solidly in the bottom half. More bad news...we ranked 42nd in "affordability".

If you're looking for some good New Jersey News in this research, we did rank 14th in education. Here are some more details of the research results.

New Jersey ranks 47th in the nation in percentage of millennials.

We rank 47th in the cost of housing for millennials.

New Jersey has the highest percentage of millennials living with their parents. 

Wish we had better news for you on this one, but there really aren't any rankings in this report where the Garden State shines.

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