Did you ever wonder if New Jersey is a good state for women? One publication did, and ranked the states in order. So, how did we do?

You would expect that New Jersey would be somewhere among the best states in America for women, and you'd be right...sort of. It turns out that while our ranking is respectable, it's not as high as many people hoped it would be.

The research was done by Stacker, and  they used socioeconomic and health and safety data to determine the best states in America. And according to them, New Jersey ranks 16th best in the nation.

According to the research, The Garden State is #6 in health and safety for women and #18 socioeconomically.  The top state for women is Minnesota, with Massachusetts a close second.

All in all, these are respectable numbers. I'm sure we'd like to see the ranking higher for our state, but with the way these studies usually work out for New Jersey, I guess we should be happy, or at least relieved.

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