There is one thing no one can ever take away from New Jersey. There have been some amazing Garden State inventions that have changed the lives of people worldwide.

So when I read that recently listed New Jersey's top invention as George Heilmeier's use of liquid crystals in displays in the 1960's, which led to LCD TV's, 227 million of which were sold in 2017, it made me think about some other great Garden State inventions.

There are so many other great inventions from a state that boasts the light bulb, motion picture and the telephone, and that's just some of Edison's inventions?

True, Edison wasn't from New Jersey, but the bulk of the work for those inventions was done here.And by the way, according to, Edison had 1093 inventions to his name

There's also Norman Joseph Woodland, who came up with the barcode, and Les Paul, who invented the electric guitar and the list of great inventions with Garden State roots goes on and on.

There was also Earle Dixon, who came up with the concept for the first Band Aid, reportedly to help his injury prone wife.

So, the list of great inventions is a long one for New Jersey. It's something that should be a source of Garden State pride. And next time you're watching your LCD TV, remember you're watching a piece of Jersey history!

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