A lot of Jersey Shore allergy sufferers have already been having a rough time of it, and the updated allergy forecast is not good news.

If you have already been suffering, you've been doing it under mostly moderate pollen days, but according to pollen.com, that level of pollen is about to change, and not the way you want it to.

According to the forecast, three of the next five days will feature pollen levels that are considered high. So get ready for uncomfortable levels today, Sunday and Tuesday, with Tuesday being the worst of the next five days.

So, what trees are the ones that are causing all the grief? Here they are. The top allergen trees right now are maple, elm and oak. Good luck trying to avoid those trees for the next month or so.

For the record, yesterday was considered high as well, meaning over a 6 day period, 4 days have pollen counts in the red (high), and the other two days yellow (moderate). That may explain why you've been feeling the way you have.

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