Some Jersey Shore allergy sufferers are calling this the longest and worst allergy season in their memory, and it may just be.

And it's not limited to allergy sufferers. many people we spoke to who have never dealt with allergy season are sneezing and coughing and sniffling along with the rest of us. So, is it almost over?

The projections from the Weather Channel offer some relief. For the past few weeks, each day in a seven day projection featured each day listed as high or very high. In the upcoming 7 days, 3 days are moderate, 3 days are high and one day is very high.

I guess you can call four days of suffering better than seven, right? But be prepared for those high days (today, Saturday and Monday) and the very high day (Tuesday the 6th) in the upcoming days.

The biggest culprit for the suffering remains the ragweed pollen (very high), but tree pollen is high as well. So brace yourself for the rough days, but take comfort in the fact that for 3 days this week we drop into the very welcomed moderate level.

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