In the midst of all we are going through, you can add seasonal allergies to the mix at the Jersey Shore.

At a time when all of us are more aware of every single cough and sniffle than we ever have been, seasonal allergies are creeping their way into our everyday life here at the Jersey Shore.

The culprit today is tree pollen in our area, and The Weather Channel lists the tree pollen level as "high" for today. Grass and ragweed levels are categorized as "none" for our area today.

And the most important thing to talk about for an already frazzled world is the difference between allergy symptoms and coronavirus symptoms. Here's what the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America says...

Seasonal allergy symptoms that are common...


Runny and stuffy nose.

Not symptoms of seasonal allergies...


Shortness of breath

Body aches and pains


Coronavirus symptoms that are common...



Coronavirus symptoms that happen sometimes...

Shortness of breath

Sore throat


Body aches and weakness



Rarely symptoms of coronavirus...

Runny or stuffy nose.

Not symptoms of coronavirus...


Of course, check with your medical professional for all medical advice, and remember social distancing and hand washing are musts in this unprecedented time. Be safe and be healthy!

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