Labor Day Weekend is just about a month away and if you've turned on the television lately, you'll see that retailers are already prepping for back-to-school.

Summer is tough for parents. If they work, they have the pressure of finding somewhere safe for their children to spend their days, not to mention bringing them their and picking them up. If they don't work, parents can have an equally hard time during the summer finding things to do with their children every day when the inevitable cries of "I'M BORED" start up.

But is the school year that much easier? Sure, they're out of your hair during the day, but what about the multitude of other responsibilities that come up during the year? There's homework to check and class projects to work on, after school activities, sports practices and piano lessons to name a few. It's enough to drive a parent nuts!

So we're asking you, when is parental-life easier? During the school year or during the summer?