There are dozens of different flavored chips for us to choose from. But what if the Jersey Shore could have their own chip flavors. What do you think they'd be?

We spent some time pondering this philosophical question and we think we came up with some pretty good ones. Some are obvious, and some not so much. We'll share what we came up with, and we hope you can add your creative ideas as well.

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Here are 4 chip flavors we'd have if the Jersey shore could name their own chips...

Pork Roll Chips. Let's start with the obvious. Nothing says Jersey Shore more than Pork Roll, so this one makes sense. And let's end the controversy before it begins. Pork Roll Chips sound much more appetizing than Taylor Ham Chips

Jam Chips...We love sweet and salty, so let's give this a try. So why is this a Jersey Shore thing? Jam, you know, like traffic jam. See what I did there?

Disco Fries Chips..the diner is a Jersey Shore thing, and there is no more signature diner food than disco fries. So let's get that truly Jersey Shore flavor right into the nearest chip. It'll be a throwback hit!

Chicken Parm Chips...Does this exist already? If not it should. We love our Italian food, and the top Jersey Shore Italian meal has to be Chicken Parm. So put that flavor in a chip and smile!

We think we did a pretty good job with this, but we're sure there are more. Please share your great ideas for Jersey Shore flavored chips. We'd love to hear them!

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