This is the rare opportunity to do a Jersey Shore poll where there's a chance you'll agree with all the answers. What's your biggest driving pet peeve?

Let's start by acknowledging that you and I are awesome drivers. We're not talking about us here. We're talking about every other driver on New Jersey's roadways who make driving miserable for the rest of us.

Where do we begin with this one? There's the tailgater, 100 mph in the right lane guy, 25 in the left lane guy, beeper one tenth of a second after it turns green guy, pass in the right lane guy, trying to make a left turn from the left lane guy, signal light left on for 30 miles guy, and that's just the beginning.

There's also the texter, the speeder upper when you're trying to pass, the finger giver, the lane drifter, the brake over-user, the broken brake light guy, the over tinter, the lost tourist, the lunch eater in the left lane, and should I go on?

How about the make-up applier, the singer, the steering wheel drummer, the change lanes then signal guy, the braker for no reason and the your wiper fluid flies onto my car guy.

How could we possibly choose? So what we're going to do is include in our poll the pet peeves we hear most often, but feel free to type any of those other pet peeves or one's we didn't mention and we'll have results soon.

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