My own boys may be teenagers now, but my nephews are just the right age to enjoy this great event at Brookdale Community College!

Meet my brother's kids, Jack and Max. They are 7 and soon-to-be 6 years old, and they are joining me at Kidabaloo, a wonderful annual event for children.

February can be a challenging month when it comes to getting your kids out of the house with any kind of decent, original form of entertainment, so we are providing a full day of keeping your kids occupied and running around!

Kidabaloo takes place on Saturday, Feb. 18th, inside the Collins Arena at Brookdale Community College from Noon (VIP arrival time) or 1 pm (regular ticket holders) until 5 pm.

If your kids are big fans of the Nickelodeon show Henry Danger, they will be looking forward to seeing Sean Ryan Fox, who plays Jasper, when he takes the stage at Kidabaloo to answer questions and talk to the audience.

This day of family fun includes all kinds of games and entertainment, including an animal show, a magic show, bounce obstacles and slides, face painting, balloon twisters and tattoos, sweet treats and food, dancing, a singing show, a photo booth, water bottle flipping, and more! CLICK HERE for details.

You can even buy VIP tickets to get in early or to meet Sean Ryan Fox if you want to!

So bring your kids out for a big, giant play date and hang with me (Auntie Izzie) and my nephews!



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