There are so many children and adults who would be lost without the services offered by this amazing organization. And now LADACIN needs your help.

LADACIN Network offers hope and opportunity for people with disabilities and their families by providing lifetime programs and services to infants, children and adults with complex physical and developmental disabilities or delays in14 locations in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Among LADACIN's most important programs and services:

-- Their early intervention for babies and toddlers aged 0-3 who may be showing signs of developmental disabilities or delays

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-- A child care and preschool center for children which offers services to kids with disabilities (as well as typically developing children)

-- Two schools: The Lehmann School in Lakewood and the Schroth School in Wanamassa, for children aged 3-21

-- Adult programs in both Monmouth and Ocean counties, where emphasis is placed on skills to help in day to day living, support in helping with independence, integrating these challenged adults into our communities, and exploration of potential jobs and careers

-- Vocational training and supported employment

-- Nine barrier-free, fully accessible housing locations for people aged 21 years and older, including group homes, supported and supervised apartments and an independent living facility.

Photo courtesy of LADACIN

LADACIN Network has been greatly impacted by COVID-19. Due to state-wide mandated closures in March, day program facilities were temporarily closed for in-person services. During this time they experienced a decrease in funding as a result of those reduced level of services.

They also had to cancel several special events and fundraisers and are worried about having to possibly cancel or postpone more of their fundraisers due to the pandemic.

We all know that plenty of worthy causes have suffered due to the pandemic but the people that are served by LADACIN are especially vulnerable and rely heavily on the services of this amazing organization.

LADACIN has gradually reopened in accordance with covid guidelines. In fact, at the onset of the pandemic, the early Intervention staff immediately underwent training for telehealth and remote learning so that they could provide both in-home and virtual services.

Their Child Care Center was the first to reopen. Meanwhile, on the first day of mandatory closures, the Lehmann and Schroth Schools were prepared and able to switch to a web-based curriculum so that their students could continue their education remotely. Both schools reopened in September and offer hybrid models of learning that include on-site as well as on-line educational experiences.

LADACIN staff were able to create many engaging remote activities for their adult day programs during the stay-at-home orders until they were able to reopen (at reduced capacity) in October. And they continue to provide remote activities for those still at home.

(Photo courtesy of LADACIN)

Their 9 residential facilities have remained open and LADACIN has been able to make sure that everyone is safe, nurtured and stimulated.

LADACIN families, children, clients, staff and community have all shown amazing resilience during this pandemic and have quickly adapted. But this organization needs to sustain the programs and services that they provide for our most vulnerable citizens of Monmouth and Ocean Counties from infants to adults in need.

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