Oprah's not the only one with a list of Favorite Things!

Sunset from Belmar Marina
My favorite Jersey Shore sunset pic. (Laurie Cataldo)

Here's a list of my Favorite Things at the Jersey Shore...

  • 1

    The Long Branch Boardwalk

    I started to going to West End beach when I was in high school, and it quickly became one of my favorite places for a quiet beach trip. Walking Moss Mile became my go-to, and even now, when I'm insanely stressed, I always head to the Long Branch boardwalk to find my zen.

  • 2

    Riverside Gardens Park in Red Bank

    This spot along W. Front St. has one of my favorite views anywhere, and will always hold a special place in my heart because it's where Duzzy proposed.

  • 3

    VooDoo Shrimp at Drew's Bayshore Bistro

    Step 1: Get a reservation at Drew's Bayshore Bistro in Keyport. Step 2: Order the VooDoo Shrimp.
    Step 3: Try to refrain from licking the bowl when you're done.

    It's that good. My absolute favorite dish at the Jersey Shore. Go.

  • 4

    Catching all green lights on Rt. 35 (or Rt. 9)

    There are few better feelings than catching all green lights on Rt. 35 through Middletown and Shrewsbury (or on much rarer occasions on Rt. 9 through Marlboro into Freehold.) It honestly just makes me feel like I'm winning at life.

  • 5

    New Orleans Cold Brew from Rook Coffee

    I'm basically addicted to this beautifully balanced blend of dark roasted coffee and chicory, best enjoyed with milk and just a touch of simple syrup. Divine.

  • 6

    Freehold Raceway Mall

    We have lots of great options when it comes to shopping, but Freehold Raceway Mall was always "my mall" when I was growing up, and it's still my favorite in the area. It has lots of my favorite stores and tons of options for grabbing a bite to eat, plus I know where everything is, which is basically what I need in a mall.

  • 7

    Local Summer

  • 8

    Jersey Shore Restaurant Week

    There are few things I enjoy more than a great meal at a good restaurant...except getting that meal on the cheap. Jersey Shore Restaurant Week has introduced me to incredible restaurants, some that I'd never be able to afford otherwise, and others that I simply didn't know existed. It's a foodie holiday that happens twice a year, and I generally plan my schedule around it.

  • 9

    Sunsets from the Townsquare Towers

    The Point studios are located on the 4th floor here at the Townsquare Towers in Toms River. When I get off the air, my desk faces southwest and overlooks the Toms River, and often gives me an amazing view of some truly stunning sunsets. Sometimes I completely zone out just watching the sky change colors...

  • 10

    Breakfasts at the Inbetween Cafe in Red Bank

    It's a tiny place, but they consistently serve up some of the best breakfast in Red Bank. Creative omelettes, delicious takes on French toast, and my favorite potato pancakes around...AND it won't break the bank. Plus the coffee is always good and the staff are like a well-oiled machine!

  • 11

    Jersey T-shirts

    I have so many shirts (and coasters and magnets and things of all kinds) that proudly display my love of Jersey, but I have two that I really love: one in turquoise that says "home" with an outline of our state in place of the "o," and a black shirt with words in white that make up the outline of the state and the words "Asbury Park" in hot pink in the area where Monmouth County would be.

  • 12

    Concerts at PNC Bank Arts Center and The Stone Pony

    You can't beat 'em. The Arts Center is a great place to check out bigger acts, and there's just something cool about seeing a show at the legendary Stone Pony.

  • 13

    Riding my favorite Rollercoasters at Great Adventure

    With Rolling Thunder gone, I'm lookin' at you Batman.

  • 14

    The first snowfall

    Let me be VERY clear on this: I only like the first snowfall for how pretty it can make everything look. I'm down to acknowledge the pretty, then watch the snow quickly melt so I can return my regularly scheduled day.

  • 15

    The first truly nice day of spring

    As it's probably pretty clear that I hate winter, I really look forward to that first really nice day of spring when you can finally drive around with the windows down, and the trees are all brilliantly bright green against a bright blue sky. Perfect.

  • 16

    Playing skeeball at Lucky Leo's in Seaside Heights

    Not only because I enjoy turning in my tickets for cheap toys, but because I just really like playing skeeball, and I have lots of memories of going to Lucky Leo's with my family when I was younger.

  • 17

    Bread pudding at Dish in Red Bank

    One of the best desserts ever...it's bread pudding made from croissants, topped with ice cream and white and milk chocolate sauce and whipped cream and...you seriously just need to try it. So flippin' good.

  • 18

    The Empanada Guy food truck

    I love a good food truck, but The Empanada Guy is one of my faves...if you can't find one of the trucks around, just head to his restaurant in Freehold.

  • 19

    Mary's Place by the Sea

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