Last Friday, Liz and I hosted the Arc of Monmouth's Winter Glow Ball event, and the theme was the 70's.

Nobody thought either of us would be caught dancing. But as it turned out, Liz did the dancing and I did the catching. Our good friend Tom Hayes from New Jersey Natural Gas was being honored at the event, and you can't say no to the honoree when he asks for a dance.

I didn't notice Liz doing "The Hustle" at first. Diane and I were enjoying the dancing of others when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw the 70's back coming to life, and Liz was right in the middle of it.

A few years back, I judged a dance competition that Liz participated in, and I gave her a very generous 9 on my scorecard. At this time I'd like to present a new score after seeing the 70's Liz....9.5!

It was a great event for a wonderful organization and we were truly proud to be part of it. Please visit the Arc of Monmouth website to learn more about this great group.