The sight of this sent people screaming!

As you are heading to the beach to enjoy 'local summer', hope you don't run into this!

A giant swarm of bees attached itself to some poor, unsuspecting beach goer's umbrella at the south end of Spring Lake Beach. This happened on Labor Day.

When a strong wind blew the umbrella over and the bees started swarming, people near the umbrella literally ran, screaming, in opposite directions. Beware of a queen bee and her pack!

The bees apparently came from the direction of the boardwalk.

And the bees weren't done -- they found another beach umbrella to attach themselves to once the first one blew over! I would have been SO out of there -- beach day or not!

The closest I have ever seen in person to this scene is when I once saw ladybugs everywhere on the beach during mating season. Lol. Not quite the same thing. And still that was creepy!

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