Frankenstorm. The Perfect Storm. Hurricane Sandy.

All names for the weather event heading this way next week. And all things that are freaking everyone out.

Preparedness for weather events is definitely necessary.

Stirring up mass hysteria with dramatic names and terms is not. It's frustrating for me to work in an industry where this kind of event is blown up, seemingly beyond reason.

Yes, this storm will potentially be a big one. The latest forecast models show the path heading towards South Jersey on Monday afternoon, bringing 6+ inches of rain and heavy wind.

If you live a low-lying or flood prone area, you should prepare for flooding, especially in coastal areas, where a full moon will bring an especially high tide.

However, this is not the end of days. We will likely see some downed trees and power lines, leading to widespread power outages and some damage...but I promise we'll be okay.

Have the flashlights nearby (use candles if you'd prefer to set a mood,) and bring all your stuff in from outside this weekend.

Have a fireplace? Stock up on some firewood.

Gas up your car today, and if you go to the grocery store, don't buy milk and eggs. That's dumb. (If the power goes out, how do you plan to keep that stuff cold?)

Maybe pick up some batteries for those previously mentioned flashlights, or some matches for the candles/fireplace. Buy foods you don't have to keep cold and don't need electricity to cook.

Get a deck of cards, dig out the board games, or find a book you've been meaning to read.

No Facebook for a few hours? Actually having to TALK to people?? Say it isn't so! Yes, it's so. And we'll survive.

When all else fails, I'm sure you have a liquor cabinet. Cheers.

Can everyone please calm down now?

What are your thoughts on the storm? Share your comments below!