Have you EVER seen a pup this cute?!!!

Must. Get. Back. To. Jenk's. Aquarium. ASAP!!!!!

This is just about the most adorable sea creature I have ever laid eyes on, and she is now a member of the Jenkinson's Aquarium family, joining Lucy in that big tank.

(Photo courtesy of Jenkinson's Aquarium)

Noelani is only a year old! She is a Pacific Harbor Seal and Jenk's Aquarium got her from The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA. where she was cared for after being found underweight and lethargic.

Noelani was deemed non-releasable due to clinical blindness (the cause of the visual impairment is unknown) but has just been introduced to Lucy and is getting along swimmingly in her new location! Here's their first meeting photo:

(First meeting! Photo courtesy of Jenkinson's Aquarium)

This baby girl is quite active and spent the first day checking out her new pool. LuSeal (aka Lucy) knew the 'new girl' was out there, but Lucy basically spent the first day relaxing and ignorning Noelani, LOL!

Cindy Claus, who runs the Aquarium, says both girls ate fine for lunch and dinner and were fine through the night, and that all seems calm in seal land this morning!

Her name is pronounced no-ah-LAH-nee, a Hawaiian name meaning 'heavenly mist". She was named by the person who found her. She was very weak when she was rescued and they weren't sure she would even make it.

Noelani weighs 57 pounds. Cindy, Laura. and the Jenk's vet are the ones who went out to California to bring back this precious bundle of joy and stay with her for the plane ride. Now that's love!

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Here are a couple of photos from the transport from quarantine out to the Aquarium floor, and of her coming out of her cage and getting ready to meet Lucy in the tank!

Transporting the new seal pup, photo by Cindy Claus
(Photo from Cindy Claus)