Last week, two of the Modern Family stars put on a great show at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank.

When you get an opportunity to see a show like that or meet a TV star, you always wonder if they're going to be nice in person. After all, we invest a great deal of our own time watching these shows, and while we know and love the characters they play, we wonder what they are like in the real world, and we hope we don't get disappointed.

Well, in the case of Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, it seems there is no disappointment. These guys worked hard to put on a great show (which they succeeded in doing) and were very gracious with everyone in the crowd they encountered.

These guys seemed to really appreciate their fame while keeping a good perspective on how much hard work it took to get there. During the show, they spent about half the time in the crowd, answering questions, making people laugh, and appreciating how important the interaction was to their fans.

Nice job by two stars who seem like really nice guys, even in real life!


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