We might all be focused on Halloween candy this week, but before you eat your body weight in chocolate, feed the other piggy...the piggy bank!

Woman and money

It's week 44 of the 52-Week Money Challenge, and we're so close to the end!

It's definitely getting tougher if you're doing the challenge the traditional way, but stick with it -- imagine finally getting through the holidays debt free and starting off the new year with a nice little bonus!

This week, add $44 to your savings for a total of $990!

If you're on Team Backwards with me, add $9, for a total of $1342! (And I'm still encouraging you to add more than just the $9 to really boost the savings!)

We can do this...finish strong!

52-week money challenge
Money challenged reversed
Laurie Cataldo, Townsquare Media