The 52-Week Money Challenge continues, and it's getting harder for a lot of people to stick with it, but we've come too far to quit now!

Money Bag

It's week 45, and with just eight weeks to go, we've saved up quite a bit of cash so far, and this week, we'll all be above the $1,000 mark!

If you're doing the challenge the traditional way, I know it'll be tough to contribute to the challenge while managing holiday bills, but sacrifice what you can to make it happen. It'll be totally worth it!

Add $45 this week to bring your total to $1,035!

If you're doing the challenge backwards, add $8 to bring your total to $1350, and again, feel free to add more if you can afford it.

Let's finish strong!

52-week money challenge
Money challenged reversed
Laurie Cataldo, Townsquare Media