With Thanksgiving coming up, I know the money is starting to get stretched thin, but we're almost done with the challenge, and it's more important than ever to pay yourself first!

Money Bag

With week 47 of the 52-Week Money Challenge underway, it's definitely getting tough if you're doing the challenge the regular way. (At this point, I'm SO glad I listened to someone's suggestion of doing the challenge backwards, and I'd certainly recommend that to everyone in the future. That said, no excuses, you got this!)

That said, you CAN do this, and we are absolutely finishing this challenge together!

Skip the fancy latte, clip some coupons, find the cheapest gas station, do whatever you have to do to find the money to save this week. Small sacrifices now will pay off BIG later!

Traditionalists will add $47 to their savings this week for a total of $1,128! If you're going backwards, add $6, for a total of $1,363 -- and then add more, because you can DEFINITELY save more than $6 this week!

We can do this! Keep it up!

52-week money challenge
Money challenged reversed
Laurie Cataldo, Townsquare Media

Meet you back here next week!