We have some beautiful towns in Monmouth County, and the one in our spotlight is a great example. But how much do you know about this town?

We're going to give you a few carefully chosen clues about a very popular town in Monmouth County and we're going to ask you to name this beautiful place. Can you name this Monmouth County town.

I will give you this clue about the clues if that makes any sense. By giving you these clues, I am literally giving you the answer. So review the clues carefully, and try to do it without the help of Alexa.

Here are your three clues. Good luck!

(1) New Branch

(2) Nels Avone

(3) 1883 Inn

So there are your clues in no particular order. Let's see if you can name that Monmouth County town. We'll publish the official correct answer tomorrow morning, but feel free to give us your best guess now.

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