It's pretty easy to tell when someone is not from the Jersey Shore, especially when they are butchering some pronunciations of area locations.

We decided to ask around to see what Jersey Shore residents consider to be the most mispronounced names in our area. Here's a list of the top 3 we heard about.

Mantoloking. It's not man-TAH-la- king and it's not MAN-tuh lock-ing and it's not ok to think it is.

Metedeconk. The clear winner in the mispronunciation sweepstakes for this gem is muh-TED-uh-conk. The second e Is a long e, and always will be.

Manalapan. You may use a pan in the kitchen and a critic may pan a movie. But, for the love of the Jersey Shore, there is no PAN in Manalapan.

There are plenty more, and we will address those in future posts, but in the meantime, please share this with a friend from outside the area, so they can practice before tourist season gets here.

On behalf of all of us here at the Jersey Shore...thank you!

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