There is no can have a bit of heaven on earth.  Want proof? You can create your own ice cream cookie sandwich at the brand new Baked Bear in my favorite beach spot, Long Branch!

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This is an innovation.  It's brilliant. It's going to make me happier than it should. Here is how this greatness works. You pick your cookies...sugar, chocolate chip, funfetti, red velvet, snickerdoodle, cookie get the idea THEN you pick your hard ice cream of choice. There are soooo many flavors like chocolate, blackberry crumbles, toasted s'mores peanut butter are more. These sandwiches are ENORMOUS so I only had five.

Photo credit: Baked Bear Facebook
Photo credit: Baked Bear Facebook
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It is truly unique that you can mix and match until your taste buds strike magic. The combinations are endless and I'm determined to find the best one (through LOTS of research).

By the way, if you don't want to be extra, then you can also grab a ready-made ice cream sandwich treat in the cooler!  This option comes in super handy when  you have a bunch of kids and you need to grab and go.  All options look fantastic but I'm kind of crushing on the cookie monster.  Surprise the kids after they['ve worked up an appetite from body surfing in the waves all day!

Thank you for highlighting this place!

The Baked Bear is located at 15 Morris Ave Unit 115 in Long Branch.  Go and then tell me what your favorite was! 

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