There have been a few inventions that took place right here in the Garden State that you may not even know about.

Today we're going to focus on a few of the New Jersey inventions that you might not even know happened right here in our backyard, and some of them changed life as we know it, well, sort of.

Did you know the following items were invented in New Jersey?

Plastic wallpaper? Well, that's what Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavennes were trying to come up with. What they wound up with was an invention that would be a great protector of items and fun stress buster. They invented bubble wrap right in Hawthorene. Read more about it at

Bar codes. No, we're not talking about how to act at Bar A, we're talking about those bar codes that identify just about every item on earth. Yep, they were invented by N. Joseph Woodland of Atlantic City. Check out

Josephine was clumsy. Josephine Dixon was a little careless in the kitchen, and frequently cut herself. Her husband, Earle found a great new way to bandage her wounds. He folded up a piece of gauze and attached it to some surgical tape and placed it on the wound. His bosses at New Brunswick's Johnson & Johnson liked the idea and the Band Aid was born. Check out more at

There you go. Just a few more inventions that got their start here in the Garden State. It makes you feel pretty proud to be living where all this creativity and ingenuity took place!

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