This just SCREAMS "Girls' Night Out!"

Think your favorite comedian combined with cute male strippers...add Australian accents...and this has all the makings of a fun (okay, possibly raunchy) night out for you and your girlfriends.

This is a show 'for mature audiences' and, really, without being able to hide things up their sleeves, how DO these two guys work their magic?

It's gotten RAVE reviews and sounds like such an original, hysterical show that you (or your mom) won't want to miss it.

The show is Tuesday evening, June 13th, at 7:30 pm at Count Basie Theatre. So maybe a gift card for dinner and tickets to the show would make YOUR mom smile this Mother's Day.

For info on The Naked Magicians, CLICK HERE!

For tickets to the show at Count Basie Theatre, CLICK HERE! 

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