Yesterday, we celebrated our history here at the Jersey Shore with a look at the meanings behind some of the town names in our area.

We gave you some clues and asked you to name the names of three towns in  Monmouth & Ocean Counties. Let's recap the clues we provided, give the answers, and see if you got them right.

Town #1 clue...Lake Trees. If you break this one down, it's pretty easy to get it. 'Loch' means lake and 'arbor' means trees. Loch Arbour was named after Lochaber, Scotland.

Town #2 clue...Good bread. The name Manalapan translates from the Lenape words "manel" for drinking and "paune" for bread meant good land to settle upon, according to the town's website. Good bread or good land are also popular translations.

Town #3 clue...Where two rivers come together. There are many translations of Matawan's name, but the Lenape word's translation of 'where two rivers come together' is one of the leading theories.  

So, there you have it, some theories on the names of a few area towns. How many were you able to get right? There are many other really interesting town names throughout Monmouth & Ocean Counties, so more quizzes are surely on the way.

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