There are some beautifully decorated places at the Jersey Shore and Diane and I found ourselves at one this past week, and I just had to take a picture.

Do you know where we were when I took this picture? I'm going to give you a few clues in addition to the picture to see if you can pinpoint the spot. Here they are and  good luck.

(1) It's as very popular restaurant.

(2) It's in Monmouth County.

(3) It was a farmhouse in the 1850's, and stayed that way for about 120 years.

There are the clues that should help you out, and yes, this restaurant is as beautiful and romantic as this picture would indicate. So take your best guess at this one and we'll reveal the official answer tomorrow.

And if this helps you, I had the Crispy Calamari, followed by the Shrimp Athenia and they were both amazing!

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