It turns out that living in New Jersey is a pretty awesome thing. At least that's the findings of one recent study.

According to research done by WalletHub, New Jersey is actually the 4th best state to live in in the whole country. Top 5? New Jersey? This one is going to take a lot of people by surprise.

Better known as the complaining capital, and sometimes the tax capital, and oh yeah the traffic capital of the world, it might be hard to believe our very lofty ranking in this study.

So let's dig in and find out how our Garden State manged to do so well in these rankings.

It turns out it's not "affordability: (#48) or economy (#35) that put us over the top. So what were the categories that raised our ranking so much?

Our 'quality of life wound up at a pretty impressive 7th in the rankings, but the one that really shines for us is that New Jersey is the highest ranked state in the nation when it comes to 'safety'. That's right. #1.

And New Jersey is 4th lowest when it comes to crime. Those are some pretty awesome stats that any resident of the Garden State can be proud of.

You can check out all the results of this study at WalletHub.

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