When it comes to packing up and taking a road trip, New Jersey is among the worst destinations, according to one publication.

Apparently, according to Wallet Hub, New Jersey is among the worst destinations for a summer road trips when you consider 22 factors, including cost, safety and activities. New Jersey's rank in the nation? How about #42?

If you're looking for a bright side, we are ranked an impressive 13th when it comes to safety. But factor in our ranking for cost (#38), and activities (also #38), things start to fall apart for the Garden State.

I'm not surprised by the issues with the cost of things here in New Jersey. I don't think anybody is. But, #38 in activities? Really? With all there is to do along the Shore and throughout the state, that seems awful low to me.

The research determined that the best state to head to for a road trip is Oregon, while the worst state is Connecticut. You can see all the results and how they were achieved at wallethub.com.

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