We're always in a hurry and we're always running late. Welcome to a little piece of paradise called New Jersey!

There is hardly a day that goes by where we don't run into traffic, lines at the coffee shop, more traffic, a scarcity of parking spaces, traffic lights that don't seem to work together, more traffic, slow cars to our right and speeding cars to our left and speeding cars to our right and slow cars to our left. No wonder we're always late.

So how do our excuses compare to what the rest of the nation uses for being late? Check it out for yourself. Here are the results of a recent study as reported at msn.careerbuilder.com.

The top excuse nationwide remains traffic. I can't help but think that most people across the country would find their traffic a pleasure after just one day on the Garden State's roads. 39% surveyed blamed traffic for their tardiness.

Coming in at #2 (19%) was lack of sleep. One in five people nationwide get to work late because they didn't get enough sleep. If all the people in New Jersey who didn't get enough sleep were late for work that number would be more like 5 of 5.

Other responses that were mentioned were problems with public transportation (8 percent), while 7% said bad weather. After this winter in New Jersey, I'm sure that number is much higher here.

The one that really surprised me was only 6% of Americans said getting their kids to school or daycare caused them to be late. I thought that would be much higher, and maybe in our area, it is.

So there it is, the reasons Americans are late. Hope reading this didn't make you late for something!