If you've lived in New Jersey any number of years, you probably have an uncomfortable feeling about ranking New Jersey against other states.

Your instincts wouldn't be far from the truth in certain areas, since our placement among all state in the nation is downright embarrassing in some categories.  Let's dig into the details published by U.S News and World Report.

Let's do the good news first. The good news is that the Garden State ranked respectably in several categories, including education (#2), crime and corrections (3rd) and opportunity (#10).

Those numbers are the good ones, so now to the bad news. Our infrastructure ranks 28th in the nation. That's not too good. And here are the really embarrassing rankings which brought our overall ranking down, making us the #19 best state in the country.

New Jersey ranks 49th in fiscal stability. Ouch And we get no help in the quality of life category, where we are also 49th. The 49th worst state for quality of life. That's enough to ruin your day.

For the record, Iowa was name  the best state and Louisiana was ranked #50. Once again, New Jersey's overall ranking was 19. You can see the full list of rankings at the U.S. News & World Report website.

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