There is no good unemployment news when it comes to this pandemic. A lot of people are suffering, but New Jersey's unemployment news is not as bad as other states, according to a recent report.

As a matter of fact, the study at WalletHub says that the Garden State has the lowest increase in COVID-19 related unemployment among all states and D.C. for the latest data week (April 20). Having said that, New Jersey has seen a 1639.84% increase in unemployment claims April vs. the start of the crisis.

The numbers are staggering throughout the nation, and in New Jersey as well, but according to the study, the Garden State was the least affected state in the nation, and ranks as the 44th most affected state since the beginning of the crisis.

There is no doubt that this is small consolation to those who have lost their jobs, and it doesn't diminish the simple fact that the unemployment numbers in our state are nothing short of heartbreaking.

The study compared all states and D.C. based on the increases in unemployment insurance initial claims for several key weeks. You can see the methodology used to determine these rankings at WalletHub.

Details about filing for unemployment claims can be found at the State of New Jersey website, although many have reported difficulties getting their claims through.

This is and has been a terribly difficult time for so many in our state and we hope that each day brings a little more positive news for the Garden State until we can get back to some normalcy.

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