We all know how hard our Garden State has been hit with COVID-19, so it seems logical that we would be among the states with the most restrictions.

According to a study done by WalletHub, which ranked each state in America on their number of coronavirus restrictions to determine which states had the least restrictions. New Jersey is among the bottom 10. As a matter of fact, we rank as the state with the 6th most restrictions.

Nine key metrics were used to determine the rankings, including restaurants and bars reopening, shelter in place orders and limits on large gatherings. Here is how New Jersey ranked for states with fewest restrictions (#1 rank means least restrictions)...

Requirement to Wear a Face Mask in Public..New Jersey ranks 31st.

Large gathering restrictions...we are 39th.

Shelter in place orders...we are in the middle of the pack at 25.

Re-opening of non essential business...our rank is 29th.

Re-opening of restaurants and bars...New Jersey ranks 18th.

In the study, South Dakota had the least restrictions and Hawaii had the most.  You can get the details on the methodology used to determine these ranking by visiting WalletHub.

It is no surprise that so many other states have less restrictions than New Jersey based on the way we were hit by this virus. Let's all hope for the safest, quickest return to some type of normalcy as possible.

In the meantime, a vast majority of Garden State residents are doing a fantastic job of following the rules and doing their part to help put an end to this horrible pandemic. Thank you for being Jersey Strong!

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