This New Jersey heatwave we're mired in is hot, but not even closest to the hottest new Jersey day on record.

So what is the hottest day New Jersey has ever endured? For that answer we have to travel back 81 years. As a matter of fact the hottest day on record in the Garden State will celebrate it's 81st anniversary on July 10th.

The hottest day ever recorded in New Jersey took place on that date in 1936, when the temperature soared to 110 degrees in Runyon section of Old Bridge, according to, and remember, that's the temperature, not the heat index.

And triple digit days at the Jersey Shore are certainly not unheard of, so our temperatures, and heat index, while serious and very uncomfortable over the past few days, were certainly not all time record breakers, not that that makes you feel any cooler.

The good news is our Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says today is the last day of the extreme heat and humidity. You can stay up to date on the very latest weather info by checking out Dan's weather blog regularly.

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