If someone asked you what time of the year is the most expensive time to visit New Jersey, what would you say?

Someone did ask me that, and I said that I was pretty sure it would be the summer, when the Jersey Shore is at its peak, but I'd research it. I did, and I was wrong. Summer is not the most expensive time to visit the Garden State.

So, when is the most expensive time of year to visit New Jersey? We're in it right now. According to Go Banking Rates, December is the most expensive time for making a trip to our state.

We have some awesome holiday events and attractions, and with our proximity to New York City, New Jersey is the perfect place to have the holiday trip of your dreams. So now that we know when it's going to cost you to visit New Jersey, when is the best time to catch a financial break?

When is the cheapest time to visit the Garden State? Well, if your friends or family can just hold out a little while to plan their trip here, they'll save. The cheapest time to visit is right around the corner. it's January, and the average price of a flight is $304.

So it looks like the holidays bring out the family, the friends, and the wallets. It's the most wonderful time of the year...and apparently the most expensive, too!

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