If you think New Jersey's economy is among the worst in the country, one publication says good news, you're wrong.

The publication is Business Insider, and while  New Jersey's rank in this study is not exactly a win, it's also not the loss you might expect. In this instance, we're relieved to be in the middle of the pack.

Business Insider used things like unemployment rate, job growth and weekly salary to rank each state's economy, and the Garden State wound up as 28th best in the nation. Not exactly a glowing moment of pride, but most likely higher than most of us would have guessed.

One of the highlights for New Jersey in this research was that our average weekly salary in the state was $1001 for August of 2018, which ranks us #8 in the nation.

Washington D.C. was ranked the top economy in the nation. The average weekly wage in D.C. was almost $1500 for August of 2018, and the worst state economy belongs to Mississippi.

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