Did you think you could name the most famous house in New Jersey? There are a few that come to mind.

Now remember, we're not talking about buildings here, we're specifically speaking about homes, so it's not Convention Hall (which honestly the first thing I thought of when I was asked this question), or the Sussex and Essex House in Spring Lake or anything like that.

When it comes to residences, New Jersey has some famous one's. There's the Walt Whitman House in Camden, The Albert Einstein House in Princeton and former President Grover Cleveland's home after he left the White House, also in Princeton.

Then there's the Stephen Crane House (author of Red Badge of Courage) in Asbury Park, and Georgian Court, which was once the winter home of millionaire George J. Gould, and is now the university.

These are all pretty famous houses, but according to bobvila.com, which compiled a list of the most famous houses in each state,  the Garden State's is the governor's mansion, which of course is called Drumthwacket.

The incredible Drumthwacket was purchase by New Jersey in 1966, and has served as the governer's mansion since the purchase. According to visitprinceton.org, it was built around 1834 for Charles Olden, who would later become governor of the Garden State.

If you are interested in a tour of this historic residence, you can check out visitprinceton.org for details.

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