There is some great food and there are some great cooks in the Garden State, so the top Christmas recipe in New Jersey title is quite an honor.

It can't be easy to find the top Christmas recipe in the whole state, but that's exactly what Taste of Home attempted to do for each state in America, according to So which recipe was tops in the Garden State?

Well, if you were a betting person you might have said a seafood dish, and maybe others would have guessed pasta. Well, it's Jersey, so no one would be surprised to find out both guesses are right.

Introducing Christmas Eve Confetti Pasta. It's an amazing combination of linguine, red and green peppers, onions and shrimp, among other ingredients. and the whole thing takes less than a half hour to make.

This recipe sounds absolutely delicious , and a combination of seafood and pasta is a pretty good representation of what we love to eat in the Garden State, and you can check out the full recipe if you're thinking about giving it a try.

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