I never tried THIS before!

Lou and I will soon be hosting a special fashion show at Monmouth Mall, and I was asked by the organizers to meet with a Personal Shopper at Macy's to help me find just the right outfit for the event.

I am completely unfamiliar with this kind of shopping...I thought it was only for the rich and famous and didn't know that Macy's has been providing this free service for years!

You mean I don't have to spend hours going through each rack of clothing by myself? I don't have to carry armloads of clothing to a dressing room? I don't have to re-dress myself each time something doesn't fit just to find the rack it was on so that I can get another size? I don't have to limit myself to a few items at a time when trying on clothing? I don't have to sweat my butt off in a teeny tiny room where I can barely move? I don't have to try and put together my own outfits to see what would work best with my coloring and body type?

Wow. Oh wow.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

I probably would have been doing a LOT more shopping up 'til now had I known all of this.

But now I do.

I spent the afternoon this past Friday with Fashion Stylist Barbara in the My Stylist section of Macy's in Eatontown and now not only do I have a new outfit from head to toe (yes, shoes, too) for the event that I will soon be inviting you to, but I made a new friend in the process!

Not only did Barbara ask me in advance of my appointment what I liked fashion-wise, but by the time I walked in she had a whole dressing room set up for me with tons of things to try on -- many of which I never would have even pulled off the rack. I realized that Barbara was opening my mind to other possibilities, while also bringing in the items I specifically requested.

I tried on a ton of things in front of a huge mirror in my own private dressing room that was huge...and each time I wanted her opinion, Barbara was right there to help me in and out of things, offer her professional opinion, or grab me other items based on my comments.

She also took me to the shoe department to help me choose something that would work well with the outfit, and, had I wanted to, she would have taken me for handbags and jewelry, too!

You see, Barbara can help you shop for anything! In fact, the next time I am faced with the nightmare of a growing teen boy who needs a suit for an event, rather than me trying to figure out man sizes and what they mean, Barbara can measure and fit Benj for a suit and have a selection out for him when we walk in, all ready to try on without the hassle.

This is an incredible service and I am so sorry to be late to this party! Oh, the torture I have put myself through trying to find outfits for events all of these years, when Barbara was right there all along!

So thak you, Barbara Valese, for all of your patience and help. I am SURE that Lou will want to try and nab you for our show so that he can try and get you to admit that I am a diva (untrue, lol!). For anyone that has never tried a service like this and would like to meet Barbara and take advantage of this FREE service, you can call her in the My Stylist department at Macy's in Eatontown: 732-935-6855 or email her: barbara.valese@macys.com

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