I never thought I would do it, but since it was on my wife's bucket list, we headed into Manhattan for New Year's Eve to celebrate 2016 in Times Square.

We got there one day in advance and a full 30 hours ahead of the ball drop, you could feel the buzz in the air and see the crowds forming and the preparations underway. There were so many people there already over a day in advance that I wondered if we stood any chance of actually seeing the ball drop.

Getting there in the morning and standing there for 14 hours was not in our plans, so we weren't sure we would get a spot so we asked some of New York's Finest and they gave us some suggestions and we wound up getting to Times Square at around 7:00pm and got a great spot at 52nd St.

We only had to wait 5 hours. Not bad since it was 45 degrees in Times Square. We met some great people, had some laughs and before you knew it, it was 11:30 and the countdown was on.

I'm glad my wife talked me into. It was a great experience and I am so glad I can now say I did it. Check out the video from our perspective. It's pretty cool. And Happy New Year to all!